Fiber duvet

Novista are happy to present the patented fiber duvets Futura™ and Nova™. The weighted duvets are soft, flexible and embracing. They create a safe and calm feeling. They are CE-certified and qualify as medical device. They are recommended and distributed by Occupational Therapists.

Glass bead duvet

Novista´s glass bead duvet Safir™ is a weighted duvet which brings a tactile and proprioceptive stimulus to your whole body. The pressure comes from small, special designed glass beads. The constant active support brings a greater perception of your body sentiment.

Fiber weighted vest

Novistas weighted vest is classified as a medical device. It is an anonymous vest used by both children and adults during daytime. The fiber weighted vest gives a soft and even pressure against the body. This creates a calm feeling which helps the body relax making it easier to concentrate.

Novista of Sweden is a business of profound knowledge and expertise. We develop, market and deliver products of cognitive aid to most of Sweden’s municipalities and counties. If you are a professional Occupational Therapist, we offer you free of charge access to the



Our heavy fiber duvets Futura™ and Nova™ are the only patented fiber duvets on the market. They are the original.

The heavy, yet soft Futura™ and the cool Nova™ have helped thousands of people to a good night’s sleep since they were introduced in 2013. Both products have been bought by almost every single Swedish region, municipalities and counties and they are meeting very high demands on quality and function. They are good for washing in 70 degrees Celsius. They are classified as medical devices and have every necessary certification. If you are interested in these original products, you have come to the right place. We have the knowledge necessary for a safe usage of our products. We will help you to improve your sleep.

by using our fiber weighted vest, Olivers day to day routine has improved significantly.

“Before the discovery of the fiber duvet, I had to hold my son for 2 hours before he could fall asleep. Now he is able to fall asleep on his own thanks to the blanket.” Mother of a 6 year old

Do you have a child or a youngster with anxiety, stress or sleeping deprivation at home? You are not alone, and help is available.

Sven is suffering from rheumatism. This is how the occupational therapists choose the right weight blankets.

It’s important to have the right knowledge when distributing weight blankets. This is why our occupational therapist educate distributors all over Sweden. If you’re having trouble with temporary pain, we would recommend the softer and the lighter versions of blankets. Heat is good for rheumatism, that’s why we in Sven’s case recommend the 6-kilo blanket Futura™ which is warmer than the Nova™.

Modern research shows that medical prescription of drugs can be reduced by the use of weight products.

We believe that health care should be restrictive with prescription drugs to all people, especially to children and young people. Our vision is that our products partially or completely replace the use of medicine, especially amongst children and youngsters. 

Knowledge and security- both for prescribers and users

Knowledge is important. That’s why we offer you as a prescriber our weight blankets and weight vest a free of charge education. Weight products effectively reduce the symptoms with a person if they are suffering from ADHD or dementia and are distributive by Occupational Therapist in most of Sweden’s municipalities and counties. This requires deep insight in psychic and physical functions in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the user. By the help of the weight products symptoms can be reduced. Contact us if you need help feeling more secure as a distributor.

Who’s the user, young or old? Is there a diagnose or not? Where’s the problem, psychic or physical and what’s our general thought about weight products? Do you need more info? click here.

For our weight blankets there’s special designed hygienic covers, duvets and rolling cases. Put your personal touch on your weighted vest with our colored design straps. Our 2-meter-long cylindrical pillow works both during day and night. Here are some examples from our range, to view all the assortment, click here.

Novista of Sweden is a business of knowledge developing, marketing and delivering cognitive aid products to municipalities and counties in Sweden. For questions regarding sales or the use of our products outside of Sweden, please contact our export partner at


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