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We research, develop and produce quality

About Novista – quality since 2013


We develop medical devices that relieves sleep-, stress- and anxiety related problems

Since 2013 we have researched, developed and produced medical devices of quality to create a safer, calmer and easier life for people in need and their care givers. Focus lies in mind stimulating, cognitive aids of quality and our product portfolio contains weighted blankets and weighted vests in different variants. Our products are patented

Our swedish family company contains a team of engaged emplyoees that work towards a common goal under the slogan: Knowledge, Security and Quality. Novistas founder Sven-Inge Kjell has worked in the medical equipment market since the early 1980s, he has built up a competent organisation through sharing his knowledge and experience. Our product line of medical devices grows as the company expands.

We live up to the high expectations put on us from the medical device market. We are proud of all our products in terms of both good design and quality as ethics and the environment.Our users can always feel safe with our premium products.

Curious and innovative, we are constantly looking for improvements together with our partners and users. We are responsive, awake and quick to act. It is easy and safe to work with us.

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The history behind soft heavy blankets

Novista of Sweden was founded in 2013 by Sven-Inge Kjell. Sven-Inge worked for over 40 years with aids and is the father of a wide range of products that make everyday life easier for thousands of people. When Sven-Inge first came in contact with weighted blankets, the market only consisted of blankets with hard weight elements, which he could not come to terms with at all. Beds, duvets and pillows are soft and he opposed the premise that a heavy duvet must be hard. He found a weight element that is soft and compliant and the result was the Fiber Blanket – a heavy blanket in good quality with soft weight elements.

Today, Novista has broadened its range and offers blankets with both soft and hard weight elements in different weights with the same high quality. We also have a weight vest, the Fiber weight vest, in both child and adult sizes and other products that have a calming effect on the user.

The construction of our soft weight blankets is patented.

A heavy blanket does not have to be hard! We have found a weight element that is soft and flexible and we have created the fiber blanket – a heavy blanket with soft weight elements.

Sven-Inge Kjell, 1944-2019

Founder, Novista of Sweden

Our philosophy – knowledge, quality and security

Novista’s values ​​are knowledge, quality and security. We want to be the customer’s first choice and it places great demands on us to live up and preferably exceed the customer’s expectations. To succeed in this, honesty, respect and forward thinking are keys in our business. For us, the forward-thinking spirit is also to think climate-smart throughout our business chain, from materials, manufacturing, transport to recycling.