Accessories in our range

The Hygienic cover ECOVERDE®


Our organic hygienic cover is developed of eucalyptus. The material is anti-allergenic and has a natural barrier to prevent mite and fungal. The hygienic cover stretches nicely and provides a soft sleeping environment.

Ecoverde® has a natural, built in, flame protection. Natural, meaning that the cover has not gone through any chemical treatment. Fluid doesn’t leak through the cover, but body heat and moisture will. Zippers are attached on three sides of the cover, which makes it very easy to take out the weight blanket and later putting it back in. The hygienic cover is available in 2 different sizes, the large one is 150×200 cm. The small one is 110×125 cm. We recommend you to wash it in 60 degrees Celsius but it can handle temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius.

Duvet cover Satin

The duvet cover Satin is made out of 100% cotton, this results in a soft and pleasant feeling. It’s extremely easy to take out your blanket and putting it back in thanks to its unique T-shaped opening.

We have attached five 20 mm buttonholes along the long sides on your duvet covers, to help peg down your weight blanket. The duvet cover is manufactured in Europe and is available in the large size 150×200 cm. The satin cover is not flame resistant.

Design strap for the fiber weighted vest

Put your personal touch on your weighted vest with our design straps. Order your own color of preference, you also have the option to order a special color of your choice. It’s easy to change the straps after preference and/or season.

Travel bag

A slick and strong travel bag is included with every blanket. The travel bag has two handles and a zipper on top. The travel bag is equipped with a small pocket for your name tag. You open and close the bag with the zipper. Measures: approximately W50 x D20 X H50 cm.

The cylindrical pillow, Anna

Our 2-meter-long cylindrical pillow works both during day and night. It can be formed around your body and provides support for your legs, back or arms either you lie down or sit up straight.

Demo stand

Demo stand suitable for a testing room.

Drying rack

A freshly washed blanket dries best hanging on a drying rack until it’s completely dry. Our drying rack is especially developed for our weight blankets and it’s designed in a way that makes it as really easy to hang up on the rack. The drying rack is equipped with four lockable wheels.

Bag on wheels

Transportation bag equipped with wheels and a handle. You open the bag from the top. We recommend this to all of our blankets weighing more than 10 kg.

The bag has two practical wheels making travelling pleasant and easy. The wheels make the bag roll smoothly and easily steered. Two handles are mounted on top of the bag. The bag is also equipped with a side pocket that opens and closes with a two-way zipper.


How to order

95% of Sweden’s municipalities and counties purchase products from Novista of Sweden. If you are a distributor located in Sweden you can register your order through a simple ordering system. If you’re uncertain whether your company already bought our products, please contact us for guidance.

Novista of Sweden sells products only on the Swedish market. Sales and shipping outside Sweden take place in cooperation with Wellness Nordic. Read more about our export partner at

Are you in need of cognitive aid? You have the option to contact the healthcare center or a occupational therapist, who after an investigation can distribute a blanket that is covered by a ‘‘high-cost protection’’. Feel free to read our most common questions before you contact us.