We educate you

If you are a occupational therapist or a distributor who is currently working in a region already purchasing our product, you can get an education free of charge from one of our experts. It’s very important that you and your team have the knowledge acquired. You need to know how the weight products affect the user’s individual problems, considering the diagnose, medication and general wellbeing. You need this to be able to distribute the right product. Our occupational therapists Hanna and Johanna will educate and support you in order to make you and your team confident in recommending the right products to users with a range of different mental illnesses.

Our vision is that our products not only partially or completely replace the use of medicine, it also contributes to an increased quality of life for the end user. Reduced medication goes hand in hand with what Novista strives for in today’s society, especially amongst children and youngsters.

We advice you

The problem:
Karl is 15 years old and is having trouble falling asleep at night. He is also suffering from concentration problems and anxiety in school which has negative effects on both him and his surroundings.

This is what our occupational therapist says about the matter:
For nighttime we would recommend a 10 or 12 kilo Futura™, Nova™ or Safir™, depending on Karl’s’ preference. With a heavier blanket Karl will really be able to relax and feel that a change is really happening. The weighted vest will help him concentrate and feel calm during the day.

‘’I’ve found it way easier with friends and I really like that the vest looks like a normal vest. The blanket helps me sleeping during the night, and neither does the blanket look any different from a normal blanket. My friends don’t notice anything different. I’m feeling good and school has never been better. I can finally sit down and listen to my teacher.’’


From what age is it suitable to use the weight blanket?

-It’s individual but you should be watchful with small children who yet haven’t developed their lungs to a full lung capacity. This is why we wouldn’t recommend the blanket for kids under 2 years old and we are restrictive in our recommendation to small kids from 2 years old. We think you should be able to remove the blanket yourself or to be able to communicate that you don’t want to wear it. Every individual needs an assessment regarding weight and what type of blanket to use. That’s very important.

When prescriptioning my blanket, what weight should I choose?

The lighter blankets are generally used within elderly care and for younger kids. The heavier blankets (up to 14 kilos) are used within psychiatry and correctional institutions. First and foremost, it’s the level of anxiety that decides what weight to use. Then the persons weight is taken into consideration.

Which blanket should I choose?

We have two fiber blankets, Nova and Futura. We also have the beam blanket, Safir. Nova is our coolest weight blanket suiting persons who are warm during the night. Futura is our padded blanket suiting people who are cold during the night. The beam blanket Safir is for people who need a lot of stimuli. We don’t recommend The Safir to people with pain problems or unwanted movement during the night.

Can the fiber blanket be used during pregnancy?

To use the Fiber blanket during your pregnancy is not harmful in any way. Some feel an uncomfortable pressure against the stomach, others don’t. It’s completely individual, if you try out a blanket you can decide what you feel about it. The majority prefer the cooler blanket Nova.

Can my baby and I sleep with the weight blanket?

We strongly advise you not to use the fiber blanket if you are sleeping with an infant by your side since the baby is not able to remove the blanket if needed and their lung capacity is not fully developed. However, for older kids this is not a problem.

What’s the procedure if I need to return a defective product?

If you purchased a faulty product outside Sweden, contact our export parter Wellness Nordic. If you purchased a faulty product from us, we’ll take it back. Please send us an email to: and we will send you a return form. The form should be placed in the shipping parcel and should contain a description of the reasons for the return of the product. It should also include a photo of the recorded error and a picture of the barcode label.


Our team is here to help you with possible questions you might have. You reach them at

95% of Sweden’s municipalities and counties purchase products from Novista of Sweden. If you are a distributor located in Sweden you can register your order through a simple ordering system. If you’re not sure if your company already bought products from us in the past, please contact us for guidance. 

Novista of Sweden sells products only to the Swedish market. Sales and shipping outside Sweden take place in cooperation with Wellness Nordic. Read more about our export partner at

Are you in need of cognitive aid? You have the option to contact the healthcare center or a occupational therapist, that after an investigation can distribute a blanket that is covered by a ‘‘high-cost protection’’. Feel free to read our most common questions before you contact us.