Sleep is our most basic need. If you can’t sleep, you can’t function. Sleeping deprivation is a social problem that recently has received a lot of attention, the weight blanket can be a solution to this problem for some people. The weight blanket often provides a better quality of life and can be an alternative to expensive medication.

Our weight blankets qualify as medical aid and will help reduce sleeping deprivation that people suffer from, for whatever reason. Weight blankets are used by people with different forms of diagnoses and problems. A weight blanket becomes an important part of your life and to make it work.

Fiber Quilts Futura™ and Nova™

Our blankets are both heavy and soft. That’s why both of them are unique. The fiber blanket Futura is a weight blanket which function as a sensory stimulant and a cognitive aid. The weight comes from soft, longitudinal polyester fibers making it pliable and creates a surrounding feeling of calm and relaxation for your body.

The construction of the fiber blanket Nova is developed for people who seek a heavy but yet cool blanket. Nova doesn’t have the polyester padding. Otherwise, it’s the same as Futura. When you purchase a fiber blanket from us, we guarantee you that you want to bring your blanket when travelling. For this purpose we include a strong especially designed bag for transportation.

Material and models

Our weight blankets are made out of flame retardant Trevira CS-fabric. They are CE-certified and fulfil the prerequisites of the law (1993:584) regarding medical products and medical administration regulations, LVFS 2003:11. Our products are manufactured in Europe.



Naturally Novista offers a warranty regarding manufacturing problems on all of our products. The warranty doesn’t cover self-made damage. The warranty for our blankets are valid for up to 2 years or 20 washes, depending on what happens first. There’s a full year warranty for all of our accessories. For the warranty to be valid you must have followed the care instructions.

Download our care instructions and other documents down below.

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Accessories for Fiber Quilts

For our weight blankets there’s special designed hygienic covers, duvets and rolling cases. To view all the assortment, click here.

Usual questions before choosing your blanket

Our weight blankets qualify as medical and cognitive aid and they need individual tryouts. Contact your local health clinic to discover the possibilities to get a weight blanket distributed. To read frequently asked questions before choosing your blanket, click here.

Do you want to know more about our fiber quilts?

Which blanket should I pick? How do you maintain your blanket? Is it dangerous for small children to use the blanket? Read more of our frequently asked questions asked by our users.

Weighted vest

Novista is selling the fiber weighted vest which can be used during daytime. It reduces anxiety and increases concentration capability for whoever is using it. The weighted vest is available for both children and adults.

Glass Beam Blanket

The glass beam blanket Safir is sold by Novista. The weight and pressure are formed by 25 mm especially designed glass beads. The beads punctual pressure actively contributes to an increased body image.