Glass beam blanket

Beam blanket Safir

The glass beam blanket Safir™ is a weight blanket which brings a tactile and a proprioceptive stimulus feeling to your whole body. The hoc pressure comes from small, especially designed 25 mm diameter glass beads, the glass beads are sewn on the inside of the blanket. The constant widespread pressure brings a greater perception of your body image. A washing bag and a neat, strong transportation bag are included.

Better sleep thanks to the beam blanket.

Sleep is our most basic need. If you can’t sleep, you can’t function. Sleeping deprivation is a social problem that recently has received a lot of attention, the weight blanket can be a solution to this problem for some people. The weight blanket often provides a better quality of life and can be an alternative to expensive medication.

Our weight blankets qualifiy as medical aid and will help reduce sleeping deprivation that people suffer from, for whatever reason. Weight blankets are used by persons with different forms of diagnoses and problems. A weight blanket becomes an important part of your life and make it work.


Our weight blankets are made out of flame retardant Trevira CS-fabric. They are CE-certified and fulfil the prerequisites of the law (1993:584) regarding medical products and medical administration regulations, LVFS 2003:11. Our products are manufactured in Europe.


Naturally Novista offers a warranty regarding manufacturing problems on all of our products. The warranty doesn’t cover self-made damage. The warranty for our blankets are good for 2 years, which corresponds for a normal life expectancy of a blanket, with a maximum wash of the blanket every other month. There’s a full year warranty for all of our accessories. For the warranty case to be valid you must have followed the care instructions.

Download our care instructions and other documents down below.

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