Our occupational therapists educate you

Novista of Sweden AB is a company of knowledge, we are a Swedish aiding company with a lot of experience in this market. Our occupational therapists are working to find a perfect fit for you, they also educate distributors in professional purchase roles within counties and regions. Mental illness comes in many different forms, the distributors and their team have the right knowledge needed to make sure the user gets the safety required and can reduce the symptoms as much as possible. Our vision is that our products not only partially or completely replace the use of medicine, it also contributes to an increased quality of life for the user. Reduced medication goes hand in hand with what Novista strives for in today’s society, especially amongst children and youngsters.

Johanna Hillgren

Occupational therapist
Northern Sweden and Stockholm region

My name is Johanna Hillgren and I’m a occupational therapist, with first and foremost experience within rehab and elderly care. I also have experience from cognition problems and troubled sleeping.

Hanna Olsson

Occupational therapist
Southern Sweden

My name is Hanna Olsson and I’m a legitimized occupational therapist with clinical experience within elderly care and rehab. I’m engaged in the subjects of coaching, motivation and finding a purpose for the individual person.