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We develop weighted blankets, weighted vests and accessories that improve people’s lives.

Whether you have a disability or just need some support in everyday life our innovative products and our know-how will help you have peaceful nights and focused days.

Better sleep

Increased ability to concentrate

Improved quality of life

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Research shows: Novista’s weighted blankets improve sleep in children with ADHD

Developed by experts in Sweden.

Do you prefer a product that is developed by a company that prioritizes product quality and durability over low production costs and high margins? Novista’s weight blankets and weight vests are developed by us in Båstad. Our patented construction, where the weight element consists of soft, flexible fiber threads, is the result of many years of research and innovation with the ambition to produce products that maintain the highest quality in everything from comfort to material selection.

That means we’ve pulled seams, pulled zippers, washed, tumble-dried, changed and improved the products countless times before they hit the market. We have done this so that you can be completely confident that a product from Novista is a sustainable investment, where materials and details have been chosen with the greatest possible care for both form and function.


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In order for the effect of the weighted blanket to be as good as possible, it is crucial that the weight and model of the blanket are right for you.

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En innovation från Båstad.

Den innovativa konstruktionen och det unika viktelementet i våra tyngdprodukter bygger på kunskap förvärvad över mer än 40 år inom hjälpmedelsbranschen.

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