Weighted Fiber Vest

The Weighted Fiber Vest looks like an ordinary piece of clothing that can be used at school, at work or at home. With the help of its extra weight and the sewn-in waist belt, an embraced feeling is created, much like a hug. The hug creates a sense of calm and helps the wearer to unwind and find concentration.

Increased calmness

Used successfully in school, in the workplace and in healthcare

Improved ability to concentrate

Who is it for?

Novista’s Weighted Fiber Vest is for anyone suffering from anxiety and anguish, and for many wearers it becomes an important part of getting through daily life. Novista’s weighted vest can be used to successfully alleviate anxiety affecting both mood and motor control as well as diagnoses such as autism, adhd, mental illness and more. Novista’s weighted vest is suitable for use at school, home or work.

97 % of schools that tested the weight vest from Novista see a positive effect among students.

About the vest.

The Weighted Fiber Vest is a weighted vest with a firm, integrated girdle with a velcro fastener that is tightened at the waist to suit the wearer’s preferences. This enables the wearer to adjust the feeling of weight and pressure it exerts. Novista’s weighted vest has been developed in collaboration with psychiatrists and stress therapists and is classed as a medical device. It does not attract attention as it looks just like a normal vest.


How it works.

The vest hugs the body, rather like a warm embrace. This affects the body’s sense of position and movement (proprioception) and can help the wearer to feel a comforting calm and greater ease concentrating.



Tyngdväst öppen

Materials and care instructions.

Novista’s weighted vest is made from a dirt and stain resistant material. This means that the vest can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and hung up to air rather than washed.

If the vest is dirty enough to need washing, it is important that the zipper is left open and the velcro girdle is completely closed. Use a washing bag if possible. Novista’s weighted vest can be washed at up to 60 degrees, although with consideration for the environment we recommend that the vest be washed at a maximum of 40 degrees.

Contact us.

Contact us at info@novista.se or +46 (0)431-49 13 10.

En innovation från Båstad.

Den innovativa konstruktionen och det unika viktelementet i våra tyngdprodukter bygger på kunskap förvärvad över mer än 40 år inom hjälpmedelsbranschen.

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